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i ordered this just after eid. i cant describe how beautiful this is truly beautiful. very detailed and exactly how its shown on pictures. Mashallah guys keep up the good work.

Beautiful piece mashallah!

Beautiful piece Mashallah I love it the quality is amazing and the Customer service are amazing

Asma ul Husna

Exquisite craftsmen ship, It defines our wall. Love it! ❤️ can't wait to buy moreover

Ayatul Kursi wall clock

Very Beautiful clock Masha'Allah and very functional as well! I love it❤️
Thank you wallArt.

Ayatul kursi wall art

Mashallah i love it it’s beautifully made and brings barkatt and blessings to the home Amen 🙏

99 names of AllAh

Absolutely gorgeous,Beautiful

Completely in Love

I am utterly in awe of how beautiful these are. From the beautiful script of the Isme-husna to the sturdy material and the thoughtful of how to bend and install. It really gives the room a beautiful glow. JazakAllah khair.

It is an amazing, as like what I want to see & very much happy for having it….

Simply love it!! Classy and beautiful elegant

It’s dazzling beauty you simply won't be able to resist! Beautiful work of art! Super⭐️

It’s so beautiful the finishing is clean and the professional it’s even more beautiful than the picture so pleased with it

Mashallah it’s beautifully made and brings barkatt and blessings to the home Amen 🙏

the Atut kursi arrived on time and was really well packaged and secured. The metal weight is light so I used sticky hangers to hang the piece. No need to damage walls with nails. Thank you so much for this piece I absolutely love it.

Absolutely beautiful, everyone loves it

ما شاء الله جميله جدا

Its beautiful but it might look more good if its shining or buffed.

Beautiful love it

Quick delivery, very neat job .
It looks classy and sturdy.
Fine detailing and good quality work .
Very happy with the purchase

The quality and look are beyond great!

Looks beautiful 😊